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This page lists the errors found in the first edition of my book, Paul Morphy, le champion d’échecs (in French). If you read this book and found any error, please contact me !

Page 197: Il arrive à New York le 15 mai. Morphy arrived in New York on Wednesday May 11th, 1859, according to The New York Times of May 13th (page 4).

Page 226: Créé en 1834, le Cercle des Échecs avait regroupé les plus fort joueurs français de l’époque. The Cercle des Échecs was created in 1836.

Page 234: Il embarque dès le lendemain sur l’Arabia. The Arabia is the name of the ship given in the July 1858 issue of The Chess Monthly. However, The New York Times of June 10th, 1858 says The Africa.