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Morphy in The New York Times

Last updated on 2024-03-02

A summary of all information linked to Paul Morphy or chess found in The New York Times. Following the links may require subscription.


Wednesday, 1858/01/20, page 5: Morphy elected president of the New Orleans chess club .

Thursday, 1858/06/10, page 8: Morphy left to Europe. See our post Morphy and Boudousquie.

Saturday, 1858/07/10, page 1 ( Morphy arrived in London.

Tuesday, 1858/07/20, page 2, top of second column ( Morphy in London, meets Staunton.

Thursday, 1858/08/05, page 4, end of last column ( Results of Morphy in London. Mention that Mr Rousseau, Bryan and Edge were in London with Morphy.

Saturday, 1858/09/25, page 4 ( news Morphy vs Harrwitz.

Friday, 1858/10/01, page 4 ( P. Morphy listed among Americans registered at the banking office of Messrs. Lansing, Baldwin & Co, No 8 place de la Bourse, from Sept. 2 to Sept. 16.

Wednesday, 1858/10/13, page 1 ( Morphy – Harrwitz.

Thursday, 1858/10/14, page 2 ( Morphy – Harrwitz.

Friday, 1858/10/15, page 1 ( Morphy’s blindfold play in Paris.

Tuesday, 1858/10/19, page 2 ( long article about Morphy’s blindfold play.

Thursday, 1858/10/21, page 1 ( summary of results of Morphy in Europe.

Wednesday, 1858/10/27, page 5 ( (premature) announcement that Anderssen is en route to Paris.

Monday, 1858/11/01, page 3 ( letter from Morphy to Staunton.

Tuesday, 1858/11/09, page 4 ( Morphy soon to leave Europe. Mention of Staunton controversy.

Friday, 1858/11/12, page 5 ( Morphy to stay in Paris longer that his family would like to play against Anderssen and Lange.

Saturday, 1858/11/27, page 4 ( Summary of Morphy in Paris.

Wednesday, 1858/12/01, page 8 ( Staunton to Morphy.

Saturday, 1858/12/04, page 1 ( more on Staunton – Morphy.

Tuesday, 1858/12/14, page 3 ( still on Staunton – Morphy.


Monday, 1859/01/10, page 1 ( match between Morphy and Anderssen.

Tuesday, 1859/01/11, page 1 ( good description of the start of the match between Morphy and Anderssen. See our article here.

Friday, 1859/01/14, page 1 ( result of the Morphy – Anderssen match.

(from The New York Times, 1859/01/14)

Monday, 1859/01/17, page 1 ( about Morphy – Anderssen, mention of Staunton and of Harrwitz blindfold play.

Wednesday, 1859/02/02, page 4 ( the New York Chess Club preparing gifts for Morphy. Mention of a challenge by “an alleged Ram Chudder something”.

Wednesday, 1859/02/23, page 2 ( “A Chess Club has been organized in New Haven. The men used are of new style, recently invented; the material being cast-iron. They are known as “Morphy men”.

Friday, 1859/03/18, page 5 ( Preparation of Morphy’s Testimonial. Books published by Lange, Löwenthal and Preti on Morphy. The New York Chess Club will move to new rooms. Announcement of Morphy’s return in America. Results of the casual games played with Anderssen after the match.

Friday, 1859/05/13, page 4 ( arrival of Paul Morphy in New York.

Thursday, 1859/05/19, page 4 ( The chessboard for Morphy’s testimonial was displayed at Tiffany’s.

Wednesday 1859/05/25, page 1 ( description of the testimonials to Paul Morphy.

Thursday 1859/05/26, page 1 ( 4 columns on the front page about the reception held the day before.

Friday, 1859/05/27, page 4 ( The Champion Chess Player: Presentation of the Silver Wreath to Paul Morphy by the Union Chess Club – Visit of Mr. Morphy to the Century club.

Saturday, 1859/05/28, page 4 ( about the speeches on Paul Morphy.

Tuesday, 1859/05/31, page 5 ( Morphy in Boston (arrived on Saturday).

Thursday, 1859/06/02, page 1 ( Morphy in Boston. Banquet at the Revere house.

Saturday, 1859/06/18, page 4 ( Another Laurel for Morphy: victory against Thompson.

Wednesday, 1859/06/29, page 5 ( a new automaton chess-player.

Friday, 1859/08/12, page 3 ( a letter about the dinner offered to Morphy in Boston.

Friday, 1859/11/04, page 3 ( Morphy refusing to play games without odds with Mr. Montgomery in Philadelphia.


Monday, 1860/01/23, page 2 ( announcement of the publication of Löwenthal’s book.

Saturday, 1860/03/10, page 11 ( report from the New Orleans Picayune stating that Morphy is back in New Orleans.

Monday, 1860/04/02, page 4 ( chess column in the New York Ledger by Paul Morphy and W. G. A. Fuller.

Friday, 1860/08/17, page 6 ( “Paul Morphy was at Saratoga on Tuesday. Of course he attracted universal attention.”

Wednesday, 1860/08/22, page 2 ( Morphy in Newport , Rhode Island ?

Saturady, 1860/10/27, page 8 ( Paulsen played blindfold in New-York against Julien, Mc Cutcheon, Wollheim and Chamier. He lives for Europe this day. Failure to organize a match against Morphy because Morphy refuses to play without giving odds.

Tuesday, 1860/10/30, page 5 ( “On Monday Paul Morphy passed through Cincinnati on his way to New-Orleans. The Chess Club tried its best to persuade him to stay a few days and meet some of their players, but he declined, promising to accept their invitation when he should again pass through the city.”

Thursday, 1860/11/15, end of 1st column of page 2 ( an article on Abraham Lincoln. Anecdote about Lincoln playing chess.


Sunday, 1862/10/26, page 8 ( News from Havana: “Paul Morphy, the great chess player, is here. He leaves for Cadiz per the Spanish steamer on the 30th instant.


Sunday, 1863/01/25, page 3 ( Paul Morphy in Paris.

Saturday, 1863/02/28, page 4 ( “A friendly match of five games of chess was played recently in Paris, between Paul Morphy and Mr. De Riviere. The latter came off the victor, winning three of the five games.

Friday, 1863/05/01, page 4 ( “Paul Morphy has again been beaten by Mons. De Riviere in a friendly match at chess – the latter winning three out of five games.


Friday, 1865/04/14, page 8 ( Edward Morphy in the list of passengers arrived on the 12th on ship New York from Bremen. No idea if it’s Paul’s brother.

Sunday, 1865/07/09, page 9 ( Paul Morphy in the list of passengers arriving in New York on the steamship Star of the Union from New-Orleans.

Tuesday, 1865/08/22, page 5 ( “Mr. Paul Morphy, the eminent chess-player, arrived in town yesterday.


Monday, 1866/05/21, page 8 ( among passengers arrived from New-Orleans in steamship George Cromwell: “Mrs Morphy, child and servant“. Is this Paul’s mother going to Paris with Helena ?


Sunday, 1867/06/30, page 8 ( Paul Morphy, Mrs Morphy and Miss Morphy sailed the day before on the steamer Pereire for Brest and Le Havre:

Friday, 1867/11/29, page 2 ( Morphy registered at Messrs J. W. Tucker & Co , Paris, between 7th and 1th of November.


Wednesday, 1875/12/01, page 2 ( Morphy’s insanity denied.


Friday, 1884/07/11, page 4 ( Morphy’s obituary.


Tuesday, 1886/01/12, page 5 ( start of the Steinitz – Zukertort match.

Sunday, 1886/07/25, page 1 ( Paul Morphy’s trophies sold at auction.


Sunday, 1891/05/03, page 5 ( Paul Morphy’s house sold.

Sunday, 1891/05/31, page 13 ( “The Chess, Checkers and Whist Clubs of New-Orleans has received a bust of Paul Morphy, the chess champion, modeled by Parelli, a sculptor of that city.”

Thursday, 1891/08/20, page 4 ( about Paulsen, who had died the day before.


Monday, 1894/04/02, page 12 ( Steinitz – Lasker match.

To be continued…


“The New York Times.” January 20, 1858.

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